Our first full length record, Monuments, is now available on CD and digital download through SoHiTek Records.

Recorded at Revolver Studios with the help of Mr. Nalin Silva, Monuments, saw its release in December of 2013.


Eleven PDX Magazine / Issue No. 7, Volume 3
By “Trilithon,” the third track on Fanno Creek’s debut album, Monuments, my jaw had literally dropped. The local trio is well known on the live circuit for their effortless harmonizing and energetic acoustic rock sound, but this is worlds beyond what you’ve heard from them: expansive soundscapes, layers of instrumentation around their dual guitar & drums lineup, and most importantly hooks on top of hooks.

At first I struggled to reconcile what I was hearing with what I knew of the band from their shows and earlier EPs, but ultimately just surrendered to the songs. And what songs! They present a cycle of themes both personal and cosmic in scope, from the singalong immediacy of “How Long” to the slow-burn bluesiness of “Body, Brain,” to the ethereal beauty of “Green Stones.” The range the band displays is staggering, yet the songs all work together to form a cohesive whole. It’s easy to call Monuments one of the most confident, assured debut albums from a Portland band pretty much ever. There’s nothing tentative about this music.

Fanno Creek has struggled with categorization; describing what they do musically has been a challenge, owing to their range. In a post-Monuments world, why not call their sound what it is? Classic rock. Not guilty pleasure/ironic classic rock either. This music would sit comfortably alongside The Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on any playlist. The writing is strong, the performance passionate and powerful, the production rich and nuanced, and the tracks trendless and timeless.

The Music Court / Up Fanno Creek with a Paddle – A Band on Its Way
One of the definitions of the word monument is “something venerated for its enduring significance.” It is also the title of Portland Indie-Rock staple Fanno Creek’s new album, and one listen to the band’s music proves the definition apt. A beloved sing-along band in the city of roses, Fanno Creek is ready to spread its arms and fly over the musical waves of all 50 states and beyond…and maybe soon become a monument. While I am admittedly overwhelmingly kind on the Music Court, I reserve the 50-state praise for the bands I feel are ready to spread rapidly, and this trio consisting of Quinn Mulligan, Evan Hailstone, Dane Brist is more than ready.

Bands that depend on harmonies need to maintain a closeness that other bands may get away with lacking. Fellow Northwestern harmony-kings Fleet Foxes formed by way of two long-time friends. Fanno Creek shares a similar tale. Evan Hailstone and Quinn Mulligan knew each other in diapers and started making music together in their mid-teens. In college, the duo expanded to include drummer Dane Brist, and after several incarnations formed Fanno Creek in 2009. Since then, the band has toured the local circuit, forming a loyal following of music lovers who know good tunes when they hear them. With Monuments, it is time that the word spread.

“On My Way” is a quintessential example of why I cannot stop listening to Fanno Creek. The song starts with an infectious harmony pasted over a pounding singular drum. The vocals are intricate. The incipient harmony leads into a pure layered vocal over a gospel clap, an element slightly unconventional to indie/folk music but quite refreshing and unique. Brist’s drum is not far behind, and it crashes into a culmination of symphonic sounds and this majesty diapason of harmonies and electronics. It is a wave of sound. It’s just really damn impressive!

“Trilithon” is my second favorite track on the album, and while ostensibly it expresses similar qualities to “On My Way,” the reverberating drum and swooning harmonies (and soft vocal howls) almost sound Beach Boys-esque, and this adds a whole new element to the music…

Portland Mercury / Building Monuments: Fanno Creek’s Dream Songs
“…the Portland band’s lyrics touch on heavy topics like life, death, and the desire to flee Earth in the search for a better life. But in spite of these overwhelming and possibly depressing topics, Fanno Creek’s songs remain upbeat and melodic—and wholly characteristic of the trio’s music…Fanno Creek’s first full-length (on Portland label SoHiTek Records) is a shining culmination of years of songwriting…” Full article

Willamette Week
“If you think you’ll learn all there is to know about the musicians of Fanno Creek by listening to the first few minutes of their debut album, Monuments, you’re wrong…the trio’s first full-length is a folk-inspired shape-shifter, led in large part by the dual vocals of Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone, whose harmonies act as the group’s symbiotic center…” Full article

The Deli
“…The attention given to each song is evident and the result is a kick ass album…” Full article

The Daily Barometer / Fanno Creek’s ‘Monuments’ album impresses KBVR
“…While the album flows together neatly as a cohesive concept package, each song stands on its own. Further, each track has its own identity — ranging from the a-cappella-and-hand-clap-driven ‘On My Way,’ to the slow but sweet ‘Body, Brain’…” Full article

Man on the Moon
“..The single ‘On My Way’ is one of the highlights of this work, a song which brings us to a universe of Fleet Foxes, a song filled with a wonderful harmony of pop elements…” Full article


Come out friday night to the SoHiTek Gallery, we’ll be playing with Angie Kuzma from Petoskey. More info HERE.  Also, saturday we’ll be playing at the Someday Lounge for Scrimshander‘s album release! Turns out Desert Days will be playing saturday as well, formerly known as pigeons. It just so happens that Angie Kuzma also plays in Desert Days! They’re pretty much amazing.  Also, we put a good 9 hours in at the studio yesterday, the songs are coming together very nicely! See you all soon.


We’re happy to announce that we have started work on our first full length album! We’ll be recording at Revolver studios with Mr.Nalin Silva. The album will be released through SoHiTek Records. Keep an eye out in the coming months for updates, and come out to Kelly’s Olympian tomorrow night for their 111th year anniversary party!

Live Album From Bananastand

Some months ago, a wodnerful handful of folks came out to watch us record a live album at the Banana Stand. Now, the album is finished and is available for download! You can find it HERE. Also, here’s a new video from the night. This video was recorded and edited by the awesome dudes at Collective 47.

Fanno Creek – “Work/Hunting” from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Help us go on tour!

Hello Everyone. We will be going on tour with our good buddies animal eyes in a couple days, and to help raise funds we’ve created a kickstarter! The video was filmed and edited by Finley Mulligan, my BROTHER. He’s pretty damn good at what he does…


New music on its way!

Our new EP entitled End is End is to be released in July, 2012!

Recorded by the awesome dudes over at Emigrate Records.


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