Eleven PDX Magazine / Issue No. 7, Volume 3
“It’s easy to call Monuments one of the most confident, assured debut albums from a Portland band pretty much ever. There’s nothing tentative about this music…The writing is strong, the performance passionate and powerful, the production rich and nuanced, and the tracks trendless and timeless…”
-Eric Evans

The Music Court / Up Fanno Creek with a Paddle – A Band on Its Way
“One of the definitions of the word monument is ‘something venerated for its enduring significance.’ It is also the title of Portland Indie-Rock staple Fanno Creek’s new album, and one listen to the band’s music proves the definition apt…It’s just really damn impressive!…” Full article

Portland Mercury / Building Monuments: Fanno Creek’s Dream Songs
“…the Portland band’s lyrics touch on heavy topics like life, death, and the desire to flee Earth in the search for a better life. But in spite of these overwhelming and possibly depressing topics, Fanno Creek’s songs remain upbeat and melodic—and wholly characteristic of the trio’s music…Fanno Creek’s first full-length (on Portland label SoHiTek Records) is a shining culmination of years of songwriting…” Full article

Willamette Week
“If you think you’ll learn all there is to know about the musicians of Fanno Creek by listening to the first few minutes of their debut album, Monuments, you’re wrong…the trio’s first full-length is a folk-inspired shape-shifter, led in large part by the dual vocals of Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone, whose harmonies act as the group’s symbiotic center…” Full article

The Deli
“…The attention given to each song is evident and the result is a kick ass album…” Full article

The Daily Barometer / Fanno Creek’s ‘Monuments’ album impresses KBVR
“…While the album flows together neatly as a cohesive concept package, each song stands on its own. Further, each track has its own identity — ranging from the a-cappella-and-hand-clap-driven ‘On My Way,’ to the slow but sweet ‘Body, Brain’…” Full article

Man on the Moon
“..The single ‘On My Way’ is one of the highlights of this work, a song which brings us to a universe of Fleet Foxes, a song filled with a wonderful harmony of pop elements…” Full article

Buzz Chips / End is End
“Fanno Creek had me the moment I pressed play on their live video of “Don’t Go Away”…It may have been their endlessly metaphorical and simile-laden lyrics, or perhaps their amazing hair/facial hair. Or maybe it was simply their sweaty, heartfelt performance in the video. Whatever the reason, Alex and I quickly fell in love with the song to the point where we now regularly sing it to each other. It’s inexplicably become synonymous with “hello” for most of our phone conversations.

So when a band that I admire to the point of ridiculous phone serenades releases new music, I undoubtedly have high expectations. And when I sat down to listen to Fanno Creek’s new EP End is End, I had a deep-seated fear that those expectations wouldn’t be met. Thankfully, End is End stole my heart 15 seconds into the first track. The EP is characterized by extremely well-arranged harmonies, animated counterpoint, and musical influences that include a convergence of indie rock, folk, and a tinge of rockabilly. Lyrically, Fanno Creek are precise and vivid as they tell the story of each song – stories that are enhanced beautifully by layers of harmony.

The lyric that marks the conclusion of End is End goes: “Every day seems like the last / Until you die and all is black,” aptly commencing an EP effervescing with energy as if each song were the last chance Fanno Creek would have to make music…” Full article

Portland Mercury / End is End
“Where Fanno Creek’s 2011 Green Houses EP treaded the peppy acoustic academia of Simon and Garfunkel while experimenting with strings and shakers, their new release is, terrifically, more stylistically varied. There’s something both wholesome and dangerous on the five-song End Is End EP; intro track ‘The Greatest’ finds a familiar route for the Portland trio—all smart acoustic finger-plucking and snappy melody—only to rip apart near the end with J. Mascis-worthy fret shredding. At its best, End Is End recalls Oh, Inverted World-era indie-pop—no small accolade considering the canonical merits of The Shins’ early oeuvre…” Full article


May 18, 2012 @ Rotture / Keith Chaloux /
“Another weird yet amazing band plays second, a certain Fanno Creek from around Portland. These guys start out their set with a totally epic instrumental intro, complete with flourishing guitars under echoing, distant effects. The music of Fanno Creek is marinated in the rich folk singing traditions of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but with a quickened contemporary indie-pop twist which highlights their vision and relevance. Named after a tributary of the Tualatin River, Fanno Creek is worldly like the combination of native and non-native species one would find on its banks.  Hints of Latin beats or Brit pop linger in the wake. They assemble critical mass for the dance party to begin, their music like keys in the ignition of our own bodies. With the energy and caliber of performance witnessed this evening, Fanno Creek stole the show.” Full article

March 18, 2012 @ Mississippi Studios /
“With a few bars of A Capella, Fanno greets the crowd. Naked. Raw. Beautiful. Perfect.  Front men Evan Hailstone & Quinn Mulligan’s voices melt into one another. Each one intriguingly unique and the perfect compliment to the other. Every member of the audience captivated, intrigued and unsure of what would come next. Cue the drums and bass. With a bang, drummer Dane Brist kicks the song into gear. They’re off and running and they never look back! At times they’re a tasty concoction of bluegrass and hard rock. At others, an enthralling alliance of punk rock and 60′s pop…Fanno Creek showcased a high level of musicianship as they seamlessly transitioned between songs and time signatures. Their dynamic use of A Capella, build-ups and booming entries kept me on the edge of my seat. Never bored. Wanting more…I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend a Fanno Creek show! I can’t wait to see them again.” Full article

October 27, 2011 @ Kelly’s Olympian / Stuart Waynestock / Rose City Live
“…Fanno Creek continues to impress me each time I see them.  The mix of folk and rock that the trio produces turns your typical stiff show goer into a toe tapping mover. The complimenting vocals and guitars of Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone infused with Dane Brist on drums create some wonderfully unique and complete melodies…All in all it was a splendid evening at Kelly’s.” Full article

December 15, 2011 @ Ella Street Social Club / Cassandra Mill / Rose City Live
“…Three piece folk-rock group Fanno Creek headlined the evening with their unique brand of heartwarming lyricism and hard-hitting beats. Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone’s vocal harmonies reflect their life long friendship and years of musical collaboration, while Dane Brist supplies the perfect rhythmic equation to produce tune after tune that you can’t help but dance to. Fanno Creek is of the rare breed of bands that can play a set that fools you into thinking every song they play is your favorite song — until you hear the next one. Their music translates the struggles of young adulthood into folk rock gold, reminding you that you’re not the only one with a shitty job, or lost in unrequited love, or searching for meaning in the modern dystopia; rather you’re surrounded by friends who fundamentally get it, and can channel the angst into a musical style at once reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and Paul Simon…” Full article

March 18, 2010 @ The Hawthorne Theater / Ned Lannamann / Portland Mercury
“Fanno Creek is a folk-rock trio from Forest Grove, and they’re making some headway in what is really the best way for a new band to gain attention: by writing great songs…Songs like ‘Green Back’ have a classic garage rock bent, while ‘Oh I Don’t Know’ feels like the Cave Singers until a dramatic bridge sets the song on its ear…” Full article

June 11, 2012 @ The Hawthorne Theater / Anakin Senn /
“Next comes Fanno Creek. This band seems to be playing somewhere almost every single day, as I scan event list upon event list I always run into their name sooner or later. This time, our host announces that the band had driven from Seattle at five in the morning just to be here in Portland…They end up rocking the afternoon like no other. It seems the band to follow will be hard pressed to impress…” Full article

January 13, 2012 @ SoHiTek Gallery / Barry Waynestock / Rose City Live
“…Ditching the acoustic for plenty of amps, the trio did what they do best. Folk pop, at times loud and grating and other times soft and soothing, the room packed in tighter as people continually streamed in. The crowd attempted to dance to ‘I Am Learning’ which the band had recently shot a video for, yet there was no room. Always a good sign…” Full article

October 18, 2011 @ The Someday Lounge / JJ Weber /
“To close out the night Portland locals Fanno Creek took to the stage…songs with the morals of good folk music and the energy of good drinking songs…turns out to be an excellent combination. The band claimed to be poor, but was clearly rich in PBR-fueled wisdom. All in all is was an excellent set to end the evening at the Someday with…” Full article

January 25th, 2011 / Mike Harper / The Deli Magazine
“You get a lot more than you bargain for from this three-piece folk act from just outside of Portland. Spotless folk-harmonies come out electrified and blaringly energetic, turning what would be plainer songs into sing-alongs, anthems and for all that it’s worth, an all out dance party…” Full article


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